Reflex Speed Pain Relief Video Series by John Iams

“Learn 30 Techniques That Will Position You As An ‘Industry-Wide’ Leader, Give You The Power To Heal Patients FAST, And In Turn, Give You A Life-Long Asset That Serves the Well-Being of Patients Forever…”

30 Techniques You Need to Serve Patients FAST and Effectively, Demonstrated by John Iams himself, An Industry-Leader with More Than 27 Years of Experience
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So Here Are Just A FEW Of The Techniques That You Will Learn That Can Transform Your Practice And Income Right Before Your Eyes:

TMJ Muscle Release Resolves Shoulder Girdle Muscles

Rotator Cuff Release Part 1 & 2

Costo-Sternal Joints Release

Hamstrings Release

Gastroc-Soleus Release

SCM Muscle Release

SI Joint Release Part 1 & 2

Bicipital Tendon Release

Ilio-Psoas Release

Upper C Spine & Levator Release

Sub-Occipital Muscles Release

Low Back Release Part 1 & 2

Lateral Epicondylitis Release (Tennis Elbow)

Medial Epicondylitis Release (Golfer’s Elbow)

Preventing Recurring Ankle Sprains

Lymphedema Jump Start

Plantar Fasciitis Release

Piriformis Syndrome Release

Hip Joint Capsule Entrapment

Knee Pain Release

IT Band Syndrome Release

Knee Pain Release

Meralgia Paresthetica Release

Coccyx Release

Diaphragm Release

Spinal Stenosis Release

Upper Trapezius Release

Shin Splints Release

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